Best Wedding Slideshow Ideas

Make Marriage Ceremony and Wedding Reception Unique

Wedding slideshow theme

Wedding is one of the happiest days in our lives. Everyone wants to make this event memorable and touching as well as funny and joyful. There are hundreds of traditional ways to spice up your reception, but a wedding slideshow is one of the best entertainment. Indeed, modern slideshow software allows to make a gorgeous HD quality wedding reception slideshow that will be a focal point of the entire ceremony. It all starts with an idea! Here are some exciting wedding slideshow ideas that will help you prepare an unforgettable spectacle for your celebration.

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Tell a Story

While both of the newlyweds, their close friends and relatives usually know how the whole mess started, most of the other guests do not. So tell them the romantic story of your love with photographs! Show how you first met, how your relationship began, your first kiss and so on and so further till the wedding. Such a love story slideshow doesn't have to be totally serious. A bit of humor always helps, but don't forget - this is the most important moment in your lifetime after all, don't make it look like a stand-up comedy show. And remember that even if a certain moment of your life isn't caught on a photo, you can hire a professional photographer at any time to take the shots post factum.

Wedding slideshow - tell a story

Tell your love story from the very beginning to the wedding day

Growing-up Slideshow

Among the dozens of wedding slideshow tips one of the most popular ideas is to show how the bride and the groom grew up. Take child photos, teen photos, some photos from the youth period and combine them into a slideshow demonstrating how both of then became who they are now. Old child photos are always a safe bet if you want to make public smile. Besides, a growing-up slideshow is also a sign of respect to the parents of the just married couple.

Growing-up slideshow

Make a wedding slideshow with your younger photos

Shall We Dance?

Well, perhaps all of your guests do know how you two met, and what kind of little bastards you both were in the childhood. So are there any wedding reception slideshow ideas in this case? Surely! You can compose a music slideshow with your favorite songs, and illustrate the music with hundreds of funny photos either taken from your family archive or general pictures of your choice. Accurately synchronized photos and songs will serve as a perfect background for the dance party on any wedding celebration.

Love story slideshow

Add lyrical music to your photo slideshow to give it an additional romantic touch

The Easiest Way to Create a Wedding Slideshow

So, does creating a slideshow for a wedding reception take long? Not at all! Any professional slideshow maker should do the trick. For instance, SmartSHOW slideshow creator - it combines professional capabilities with a user-friendly interface, and allows to create DVD slideshows in HD quality literally in minutes. The tool is available here.

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Wedding reception slideshow

With SmartSHOW you can build your wedding slideshow from an unlimited number of pictures and apply spectacular transition effects from classical wipes to dissolves, transformations and image distortions. Eye-catching animations and background theme arts made by professional designers will make your creation truly unique, and the music perfectly synchronized with the slides will play for the most joyful mood you certainly want on this special day.

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