Top 25 Most Beautiful Cities in the World

Made with SmartSHOW

If you dream of travelling to faraway places, this compilation of top 25 most beautiful cities will serve you well. It might help you plan a future trip, or you can simply enjoy the views without leaving your home. Although beauty is something very subjective, we hope you will truly enjoy this photo movie!

The most beautiful cities in the world movie was made with the help of SmartSHOW software. This slideshow app is very easy to use, yet it has powerful editing options – there’s all you need to create an impressive video with your photos, various transitions, animation effects, and a soundtrack. The program supports export to popular formats such as AVI, MKV, MP4 etc., including full HD formats. What's really special about SmartSHOW is that it features unique decorations themes – Travel, Cities of the World, Virtual Screens and a lot more. These will help you make an exclusive travel slideshow when you return from your next trip!

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