Slideshow for Website

Web-Based or Embedded FLV Video?

Slideshow for website

Web design is all about smart ways of displaying information. In order to be effective, the design element should be interactive, compact and stylish. For example, one of the best options to show and share images is to create a slideshow for website. It is an excellent way to organize photos in a cohesive sequence with a suitable soundtrack at the background. Another plus is that slideshows are usually more attractive and evocative than text that many visitors are likely to skip instead of reading. Slideshows are very noticeable and convenient for anyone, and you can put them at the front page or anywhere else.

You can jazz up your blog or website by adding a slideshow, but first, you need to make it stunning and absorbing using photos and music. Your visitors should be riveted on it. To achieve such an effect, try SmartSHOW - user-friendly picture slideshow software with web-optimized video export option. It also gives you all tools for creating a unique media product with stylish title slides and artistic photo effects.

Ways of Publishing a Slideshow

If you want to place a slideshow on your website, you need to decide on the way of embedding it. There are two options to choose from - you can embed your slideshow from a video hosting service or you can embed it right on your webpage. SmartSHOW allows you to try both ways, you just need to select the necessary one in the video creation wizard. You can adjust the image size and select the necessary resolution for your slideshow, so its quality will be exactly as you need no matter which option you choose.

Video creation wizard

Benefits of Embedded FLV video

Embedded FLV videos are very popular nowadays, because if you have some unique or private content you may not want to share it with too many people. In addition, when your video belongs only to your site, it means there cannot be any technical or other problems caused by "third parties". Speaking about design, having a web-based slideshow for website allows you to choose the player size and skins you like. In order to simplify the task of working with FTP and HTML, SmartSHOW video creation wizard generates an FLV video with embed code and step-by-step instruction on how to upload your video to the website.

Slideshow for website design

Advantages of Web-Based Videos

Web-based videos are at the same level of popularity as self-hosted ones if not higher. The reason is that you only need to paste a small snippet of HTML into the source code of your blog or website, and your video becomes visible to everyone on the Web. Video hosting services help you advertise your business for free, for instance when people share your slideshows on Facebook or in other social networks. In SmartSHOW software, there are several presets for the most popular video hosting websites. Therefore, you do not need to look for the settings in the web.

Making a slideshow for website

Whether you create flash slideshow to embed it by yourself, or make a standard video to be hosted on a video hosting service, remember to embellish it properly. Visual portfolios, goods demos and business presentations can become an effective way to attract more visitors and to raise their interest in your goods and services. Making a slideshow for website is a significant investment in your future success. Boost your website productivity with a professional quality slideshow!